Alphabets Brilliantly Complete

A is for Aras, the palace of kings,

Or rather our President, as ‘an Uachtarain’ means

B is for buskers, playing their pitches

Singing and dancing, and hoping for riches

C is for Christ Church, the cathedral of bells

With the cat and the mouse below in the cells

D is for the Dead Zoo, in Merrion Square

Home to the hippo and the American bear (rip)

E is for EPIC, the museum of leaving

Weaving the lives of achieving and grieving 

F is for famine, lest we ever forget

The famished and frail lonely figures on foot

G is for the GPO, proclaiming the Rising

Though for most at that time, it was rather surprising

H is for the Ha’penny Bridge, arching the Liffey

To get from north to south – well worth the fee

I is for IMMA and the Museum of Modern Art-ism

Cubism, Abstract expressionism, Post minimalism and whatever you are having yourself

J is for the Jeanie Johnston – the skeleton ship

Sixteen saving voyages, 100 days round trip

K is for Kilmainham, the killing place Gaol

Where the rising revolutionaries ended, and started the tale

L is for Leinster House, with more tales to tell

Most of them lies and none ending well

M is for Molly – the fishmonger so eager

Selling her wares but dying of fever

N is for the National Botanic Gardens, close by the Tolka

Where flowers and trees in the breeze, are dancing a polka

O is for Oscar – a charming man of great wit

Wilde were his exploits, a clear YouTube hit

P is for Poolbeg or Pigeon House towers

Where Dubs on the beach sit and while away hours

The Q is for chips or post-Covid shops

Standing in lines, waiting, watching the clocks 

R is for the RDS resplendent on Horse Show Week.

Horses and riders prancing and dancing on peat

S is for the Spire – a magnificent spike

Looking down over the city from its light-bringing height

T is for Trinity and the great halls made to learn

Filling those heads with brains fit to burn

U is for U2, and as Bono would say 

Even if the streets have no name, ‘it’s a beautiful day’

V is for Vikings, who first plundered this place

Now, even worse, it’s the Vulture funds that we face

W is for weather and always worth talking

With the wind and the rain, hardly stopping the walking

X marks the spot wherever you’re found

In Dublin’s Fair City, all’s bound to be sound

Y is for questions, so many its true

But once you’re in Dublin, expect one or two

Z is the final place of this ditty

The zoo with the animals not let loose in the city