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A is for The ARK – Sally Cunnion

Shout out to Sixth Class in Scoil Cholmcille, Ballybrack, who sent us in some Absolutely Brilliant Creations for our Alphabet Blitz. All I can say is, 6th Class, you are an Awesome Ballybrack Class!

Well done on the rhymes, and on writing some great humour into them too. And thanks to your excellent teachers, Ms Cullen, your SNA Niamh, and Mr Russell for all their encouragement and help!

Xmas lights, wonder and magic 

Were here on December 1st 

So it isn’t Xmas havoc.

Yacht clubs – is that just a place 

With an expensive ship?

Maybe since it’s expensive

there’s a McDonalds with a curry chip.

I was at the Zoo the other day 

and saw a gorilla. 

I was scared and I screamed, 

are you okay Granda?

I fell on my hand one day

So I visited Loughlinstown for an X-Ray

While was waiting I had a Yogurt

as I had a euro to be spent. 

My hand was OK in the end 

But very bruised and made me look like a Zebra

The place where kids are having a blast at the animals’ expense,

Where the animals are living inside a tiny fence.

Oh how I hate the zoo!

Featured Post

Here’s our first full alphabet from a school – didn’t they do well in the first month back? These 26 poems come from 6th class in Duleek G.N.S. Their teacher Ms Costigan says, “The girls really enjoyed participating in this project. It was very educational and enjoyable and a great way to learn about our capital city.”

Many thanks Ms Costigan for encouraging the girls and well done to them all! Maith sibh go léir! 


A is for the airport,

Where people go to get on a plane,

To fly away from the really bad rain.

You can fly to America, Australia and more

To find good weather all year long.

When you are on the plane you might hear a nice song.

B is for BEWLEYS – poem above and picture below by Matthew Cunnion

Botanic Gardens

You might see trees or you might see bees, 

Or see some leaves swinging in the breeze. 

Don’t forget ice-cream and cool pop

But keep an eye out for a bunny that hops.

You can run or play but just have a nice day!


Croke-park where the games are played,

Football, soccer, they are kinda the same!

Getting excited when someone scores,

It’s so exciting and you can do so much more!

I have been there once and hopefully again

When Coronavirus finally ends!


I went to Dublinia

And saw the Vikings.

Some looked sad 

And some looked mad.

They stared and glared, and I just freaked,

I closed my eyes and took a peek!

Eccles Street

James Joyce, a famous Irish man,

Wrote a book called Ulysses, that was his plan.

7 Eccles Street was the home of Leopold Bloom,

The Mater Hospital now occupies his room.

Forty Foot

Driving to the Forty Foot

Thinking of diving off 

Into the sea,

Shouting we, we, we!!!

Grafton Street

Grafton street is very old, The shops are new but very cold.  

Alphabet Blitz for the City of Dublin by Ms. Costigan’s 6th class, Duleek G.N.S., Co. Meath

Make sure to bring a coat or scarf But Grafton street is always packed!

Always bring money galore,

You won’t be able to miss what’s in store!


Howth is a lovely place to go,

You can see the seals that love to follow the boats.

It also has a beautiful scene,

If you go around the back, it has a big, huge green.


Imaginosity is a place for kids to be,

To go and see what there is to see.

You can go to the open space up at the top,

Or bring the kids to the pretend shop.

Jervis Shopping Centre

Jervis is my favourite place to be,

Family and friends Igo to see.

I get new shoes in Vans and JD.

We shop around happily.

K-Kilmainham Jail

It was 1916 in Kilmainham Jail, 

Joseph and Grace didn’t like this place.

The air was eerie, Joseph felt weary. 

The hours were less, Grace did her best. 

As the tear dropped from her eye, 

she said her last goodbye.

The last farewell as Joseph fell.


A form of transport to get around,

instead of walking on the ground.

This train is very well known,

yet some people get on and sit on their phone.

It goes very fast so hold onto your hats,

you cannot bring your dogs or cats.

To get a ride just pay and ask,

but just remember to bring your mask.

Molly Malone

Molly Malone lived a long ago.

Her statue is on Suffolk Street,

Where some people now like to go.

She has a song that has her name 

And that’s how she got all of her fame!

National History Museum 

National history museum is where I go 

To read about what happened a long time ago.

To see pictures, books and sculptures too 

There is a lot for me and you to do.

O’ Connell Street

O’ Connell Street is a busy place 

where you can stay for the day. 

Lots of shops and restaurants where you can eat.

To relax, chill and have a seat.

Whenever we’re in O’Connell Street !

Phoenix Park

Phoenix park is the place to be.

There are lovely walks and even trees!

There are animals to feed your picnic to,

There are crows and bushes and other animals too!


Driving along the quays,

On a glowing day,

Asking my mam can we stop at a café,

Drinking iced coffee with a pump of hazelnut,

Staring at the quays.


RTÉ a broadcast that grew,

Their entertainment for adults too,

About the weather, crimes and more to do,

Its’ very important for me and you.


S is for Spire,

The big metal thing,

It goes up in the sky,

But never moves an inch 

Me and my family always see it

Trinity College  

Trinity College is the college for me

With a great view overlooking College Green.

The Book of Kells is held here

And thought to be the most Irish thing!

Built in 1592 the college is very old,

And who knows what the future will hold!


University College Dublin is a smart place to be, 

Huge building, lots of classes to see. 

Colleagues sitting and listening as they’re told, 

Following their dreams and finishing their goals.

If you study hard, listen and sit 

you might just be their next pick!

Viking Splash

Viking Splash is where I should go.

There’s lovely scenery everywhere you go.

On the road and into the river

It sometimes gives me a shiver.

Wax Museum

The wax museum is where you see

People made of wax 

Like the man with the axe.

Now don’t worry he’s made of wax

‘Cause they can’t have a real man with an axe!

They also have a maze full of mirrors

That give some people the shivers

I walked into a mirror 

And the pain flew like a river!

So keep your hands out 

So you won’t hurt your mouth.

There is a gift shop at the end

Where you can buy a pen that can bend

There is plenty of other things too 

And they are all really cool

It is my favourite thing to do 

And I hope it’s yours too.

Xray in St. James’ Hospital

St James’ hospital is where you go

To get an xray head to toe.

An mri is where you lie and it moves you side to side.

You have to stay the night 

But you will be better with a fright!

Yachts in Dun Laoghaire

Hop in a yacht and paddle away.

There’s lots to do all day.

There’s lots for me and you to see.

Watch ducks and swans paddle by,

See the lovely scenery too 

Have a picnic and feed the ducks,

It will take up an hour or two.

Z is for the zoo poem 

Z is for the zoo where I lost my fancy shoe,

I also got a coldbrew and spilt it on poo.

I went and seen the turtles swimming in the tank,   

I saw the big elephants they smelt a bit rank!

  • by 6th class, Duleek G.N.S. Co. Meath

Are you a teacher, parent or guardian who’d like to get your class or family involved in #ABCDublin #ABCBAC?

It’s very simple – you can get the whole class/family to start with the letter A and work through the alphabet at your own pace between now and the end of 2020. Or you can give everyone a letter, or a few letters depending on the size of your group, and get your alphabet written in the blink of an eye..

Either way, write a rhyming couplet or short verse for each letter about something beginning with that letter in Dublin. Feel free draw/paint a picture or take a photograph to illustrate it if you like. For copyright reasons, please use only your own photos or illustrations.

Submissions can be text only, illustrated with drawings or photographs, made into videos — be as creative as you like! Submissions are welcome in English, Irish, or any other languages spoken in Dublin.

You can send us your work one letter at a time, or as a complete alphabet. Take a photograph of your work and email it to, tweet it to @tarryathome and @poetryireland, or post it on facebook to You can also post entries to: ABCDublin, Catherine Ann Cullen, Poetry Ireland, 11, Parnell Square, Dublin 1. Videos and other formats also welcome – send me an email or fill in the contact form with any queries.

Looking forward to seeing All the Brilliant Creations!

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