Walzing with W Words

W is for Waltons extolling Irish songs

A wireless on a high shelf tuned to belong.

– Marie Studer
– Catherine Ann Cullen

W is for Wellington, a genius so stable,

his victories in Waterloo named roads and made fable.

But when claimed by the Irish and birthers at the table,

he said you don’t blame the horse for being born in a stable.

– Nessa O’Mahony

On Wellington Quay, the old Working Men’s Club,

Worked over by Bono & Co as a pub.

– Catherine Ann Cullen
– Catherine Ann Cullen

The Werburgh Street Theatre, a first for the city,

Flourished four years and then closed, what a pity,

On a street with a church. “Who’s Saint Werburgh?” sez you,

saint, a wise woman, and princess, that’s who.

– Catherine Ann Cullen

– Robin McNamara
-Catherine Ann Cullen
– Billy Craven
Inline image
– Lisa Perkins
– Catherine Ann Cullen

W is for Williams, Beau be the name

All Ireland Slam Champion from Portland in Maine

Who will remotely in Maribor, Slovenia compete

With eighteen other European Slam Champion Wordsmiths that tomorrow do meet, speaking in tongues,

Women and men at home via Zoom, from Belgium

With Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,

With France and Finland, Greece and Croatia,

Lithuania, Hungary, Republic of North Macedonia,

Portugal Russia Slovakia Slovenia Serbia and Spain.

Winners all in the game of togetherness and Union

With Europe, oh Europe of grassroots grá n ruaile buaile.

– Desmond Swords
– Damien Donnelly – pic above and three below

Where the wind cuts the shore and sweeps across the sand, two mills raise their arms to stable grains on ancient land.

– Damien Donnelly

Windy Arbour two stops to mine

fragments of different lives of me

kids with bike and schoolgirls on time

daddies in a hurry and young fine girls close to me

fragments in me while waiting of my stop

two times after Windy Arbour

– Arjuna Cecchetti
– Catherine Ann Cullen
– Theresa Donnelly

If you’re brave take a walk down ancient Winetavern street and through historic Christchurch and Wood Quay,

Visit Dublinia for a viking experience and a stroll through Dublin’s history.

– Mary B Shannon
– Catherine Ann Cullen

Wood Quay, which once wobbled on wide wooden struts,

Is now home to the bunkers that drive people nuts.

– Catherine Ann Cullen

Wonderful, historic Wynn’s Hotel with its old-fashioned charm and style,

with its diverse crowd in the Saints and Scholars, you’ll want to stay a while.

– Gin Reidir


Catherine Ann Cullen is the inaugural Poet in Residence at Poetry Ireland since September 2019. She was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in December 2018. She has an M.Phil in Creative Writing from the Oscar Wilde School at Trinity College Dublin and a Creative Writing PhD from Middlesex University. Catherine Ann has published three poetry collections: The Other Now (New and Selected Poems) with Dedalus Press in October 2016; A Bone in My Throat (2007) and Strange Familiar (2013) with Doghouse Books. She is the author of three books for children, The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat (Little, Brown 2001) and Thirsty Baby (Little, Brown 2003) and All Better! Poems about illness and recovery (Little Island 2019). She is also a scholar of broadside ballads.

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