Umpteen Units of Unders and Uppers

– Damien Donnelly
– Catherine Ann Cullen
– Billy Craven
– Catherine Ann Cullen
– Theresa Donnelly

What of Dublin’s rivers underground,

with names like the Swan or the Poddle.

Check the old maps: there they are found,

and tracing each route is a doddle!

– Karen J McDonnell

– Catherine Ann Cullen
– Catherine Ann Cullen

Urban Art strips grey from a winter’s day

Eyes popped away from our own decay;

Drury Street the nucleus of the creative corner

Camden Street, UAREALIVE on the mortar.

– Marie Studer
– Catherine Ann Cullen

Number 15 Usher’s Island, once a music school and the home of James Joyce’s grand-aunts,

setting of The Dead, on a snowy Epiphany, when Morkan’s held their annual dance.

– Mary B Shannon
Mary B Shannon

U is for Usher’s Island, where James Joyce set The Dead,

That “dark, gaunt house” should be preserved, but may be lost instead.

– Catherine Ann Cullen
– Catherine Ann Cullen

U is for our Uachtarán, fear uasal Michael D.,

Unique, uplifting and unmatched – well, he’s a poet, you see!

– Catherine Ann Cullen


Catherine Ann Cullen is the inaugural Poet in Residence at Poetry Ireland since September 2019. She was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in December 2018. She has an M.Phil in Creative Writing from the Oscar Wilde School at Trinity College Dublin and a Creative Writing PhD from Middlesex University. Catherine Ann has published three poetry collections: The Other Now (New and Selected Poems) with Dedalus Press in October 2016; A Bone in My Throat (2007) and Strange Familiar (2013) with Doghouse Books. She is the author of three books for children, The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat (Little, Brown 2001) and Thirsty Baby (Little, Brown 2003) and All Better! Poems about illness and recovery (Little Island 2019). She is also a scholar of broadside ballads.

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