A Plethora of Poetic Ps


P is for Padraic Pearse

And his brother Willie

At home I see you in my tea leaves

Walking in the rose garden

Chatting until sunrise

There in the park of St. Enda’s.

-Kathryn O’Boyle

– Lisa Perkins
– Billy Craven
– Damien Donnelly

P’s for Percy Place, where Huband Bridge is ornamental,

And Beckett’s Dad built houses three so Sam could live on rental.

– Catherine Ann Cullen

P for Phil Lynott from band Thin Lizzy.

He may look thin and

His statue is grim

But they call him Lizzy

And I am a dizzy

Because he’s called Phil Lynott.

– Kathryn O’Boyle 


P is for the Phoenix Park, from Papal Cross to portaloo,

An alphabet onto itself, with A for Áras, Z for Zoo.

– Catherine Ann Cullen

When Dublin’s pigeons fly over the city

Are they looking for a way

To startle the next unsuspecting tourist,

Here on a flight for the day?

– Eoin O’Mahony
– Theresa Donnelly
– Maura McDonnell

P is for a perfect reading in Poetry Ireland on Parnell Square A lovely evening a few years ago now.

– Anne T Sheridan
– Mary B Shannon

Poetry Ireland’s patronage for poets is proffered from their place at 11 Parnell Square,

Where plans are in place

for performance space

and to house the Seamus Heaney Working Library there.

– Mary B Shannon
– Mary B Shannon


Wow Poolbeg:

stretching the neck above the passengers heads

standing on the toes just for them

through out the DART window the two yellow chimneys

cut the brackish air of the Poolbeg bay

– Arjuna Cecchetti

Portobello: first house, first love, many firsts

reborn in memory’s explosive starbursts.

– Karen J McDonnell
– Mary B Shannon

The President’s residence, Phoenix Park, is surrounded by an alphabet of trees,

Beneath a canopy of ailm, beith, coll agus dair enjoy the silent falling leaves.

– Mary B Shannon


Catherine Ann Cullen is the inaugural Poet in Residence at Poetry Ireland since September 2019. She was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in December 2018. She has an M.Phil in Creative Writing from the Oscar Wilde School at Trinity College Dublin and a Creative Writing PhD from Middlesex University. Catherine Ann has published three poetry collections: The Other Now (New and Selected Poems) with Dedalus Press in October 2016; A Bone in My Throat (2007) and Strange Familiar (2013) with Doghouse Books. She is the author of three books for children, The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat (Little, Brown 2001) and Thirsty Baby (Little, Brown 2003) and All Better! Poems about illness and recovery (Little Island 2019). She is also a scholar of broadside ballads.

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