C in the Capital, Capital C…

Catch up on the clutch of Cs our clever correspondents have created!

Threads of clear water

Hold the city together

Canal-bound, drift-safe.

– ‘C is for a City with Canals’, Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan

C is for canal, where swans love to linger.

But don’t go too close

Or they’ll bite off your finger.

– Mary Kennedy

– Robin McNamara


Back in the day, our getaway night

The Central Hotel, its cheeky peeping ceiling

could not have been more revealing

Hah! What a sight – no getting away

from me, from you

the set of us on that full moon bed

no hospital corners to fold

circles that couldn’t be squared

– Therese Kieran

– C for the Cheeseblock, aka Seán O’Casey Community Centre by Peadar Maolros (pic below)

Christ Church bells ring over

an Ché Adhmaid and Isolde’s tower

Grandsire triples method ring

announcing service hour

– Mary B Shannon

Christ Church Cat


Entrapped in the organ

in quest of a rat

Encrypted forever

the Christ Church cat

Anne T Sheridan

“Christ Church Cathedral bells will chime

at New Year’s Eve & Christmas time.

– Catherine Ann Cullen

#C is for The Clarence Hotel

(famously part owned by Bono & The Edge)

I look for Bono

raise a glass

with or without him

K. S. Moore

Under Clery’s clock

never a meeting was forgot.

Under starlight and moonlight

many a romance sought.

Under hurry and bustle,

an easy-to-find bus-stop.

– Siobhán Mc Laughlin

Crying for Clery’s, ’twas once chock-a-block,

and countless folk courted beneath Clery’s clock.

– Catherine Ann Cullen

C is for Coombe Hospital, Dublin 8,

Where they care for the birth of 10,000 new babies each year, great!

1964 was the year Dolphin’s Barn Coombe Foundation stone was laid.

The rest they say, every day, is history.

– PJ Brady 

– two poems by Billy Craven

Croke Park

Division bell silenced

God Save the Queen

Amhrán na bhFiann

shoulder to shoulder

at the altar of Croke Park.

– Marie Studer

by Lisa Perkins


Catherine Ann Cullen is the inaugural Poet in Residence at Poetry Ireland since September 2019. She was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in December 2018. She has an M.Phil in Creative Writing from the Oscar Wilde School at Trinity College Dublin and a Creative Writing PhD from Middlesex University. Catherine Ann has published three poetry collections: The Other Now (New and Selected Poems) with Dedalus Press in October 2016; A Bone in My Throat (2007) and Strange Familiar (2013) with Doghouse Books. She is the author of three books for children, The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat (Little, Brown 2001) and Thirsty Baby (Little, Brown 2003) and All Better! Poems about illness and recovery (Little Island 2019). She is also a scholar of broadside ballads.

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